Going From Online Relationships To Real-Life Ones

real life dating - Going From Online Relationships To Real-Life Ones

We cross on the web. Then you see meet in real life … Normal course, except that this time, it’s good.

Here we share experiences from people who met online and later in real life.

On Adopteunmec, a certain Laurent “throws me a charm”. Pretty cute, with a cunning look. It’s been three months since I counted more contacts, with only four meetings “in real” … that did not give anything. I answer, quick exchange, his name is Laurent Boulet, but says: “I’m not a burden. ” It makes me laugh. He’s in Aix, me in Dijon. I want to hear him and gives him my number very quickly.

Except he calls … and I do not answer to leave a message. This is my thing: I like to hear the voice before continuing. And here I love his intonations, his softness, to the point of listening six times: “Well, we’ll remember later. I answer him by text message. And we’re talking to each other … without stopping for two weeks. We are 25 years old, the same desire “to do the job of our dreams”, me gallerist, film editor, and the same fears. The Christmas holidays are approaching, he must go to Paris to see his parents, he will stop in Dijon … I will be “his best gift”. To put pressure on me, there is no better.

In the queue of the cinema: It is he who proposed to see this awesome film which has been his ears for weeks. Cinema, funny choice: we can not talk to each other … but we can more easily kiss each other. Finding myself face to face, suddenly, I can not do it. I’m scared, that’s simple, I’m scared. So, a quarter of an hour before, I wait in a cafe, from where I can see him arrive. I recognize it right away. Small, much smaller than I thought, with a bird’s head. Not very beautiful actually. My favorite does not take a hit, on the contrary … It moves me with his parka too big. I remember the meeting with another guy: just the way he wore his tight scarf around his neck, I wanted to run away.

I arrive shaking legs. I thought we were going to stare, he was going to look at me. I thought I was going to regret that he was so small … None of that. If he looks at me, it’s not to judge me. We hardly speak. We are very moved. It’s more a reunion than a first meeting. And when he said to me, “What if we zap the movie? “It ends me … After six months of love at a distance, we have finally settled together in Dijon. Ingrid, 25 years old

On Meetic: At 31, I just broke up, and after a big blues, and six months of celibacy, I want a “beautiful meeting that will be done elsewhere”, as said the ad site … For weeks, I remain hopeful that someone will appear miraculously in front of the screen, with a smile on their face, and tell me something beautiful. Not the eternal: “Where do we end up? Eight meetings in six months. Of course, I do not do that, I go out a lot, but with every click, I hope.

And then, one day, I understand something essential: the Net is a place like any other where are gathered a lot of guys, like a big stadium. We have a chance in 100,000 to get the good one. So you have to arm yourself with patience, and patience grows when hope diminishes … Basically: “It will take time, and do not wait. And it is in this spirit that an hour after our meeting on the Net, I will join Jean-Marie. A name that I do not like at all. But he has very beautiful eyes, and this Sunday afternoon, I have nothing else to do.

When I arrive at the cafe, he is there: he is beautiful. An hour later, I realize we are talking non-stop, we laugh.

At the café, a stone’s throw from my house: He’s already in front of a beer when I arrive. He is handsome. I ask myself this normal question: “But what does this guy do on a site? But that, I keep it for myself. As I met, I developed different models of conversation. The first, I tell the whole truth. But not to succumb to the routine, I have another, in total shift with my reality as a math teacher, where I’m a flamenco dancer. I do not have time to start, Jean-Marie takes the lead, and we’re gone on football. Decidedly, everything separates us. He’s even three years younger than me. I have to find a way to go quickly …

But his smile continues to charm me. And after an hour, I realize we are talking nonstop, everything and nothing. Especially not us. And finally, finally … no bogus interrogation: “Who is your favorite actor? “And if you went to a desert island, what would you take with you as a book? We’re laughing, I listen to him boasting about Ronaldo’s kick. In fact he is a pastry chef. Me no more flamenco dancer, I tell him in two words my life: math teacher, love of Almodovar, a cat, two parents in Toulouse … Not very fun. He looks at me with his beautiful smile: “I find it rather exciting, me. As much to say that leaving our appointment, I tell myself that he is far from being the man of my life! I go back on the Net to find a guy “more consistent”: older than me, less football, more indie cinema … But I do not forget how much I had fun with Jean-Marie. Fifteen days later, I am in his arms. And I’m still there Angela, 31 years old

On Tinder: That night, we plan to go out with my roommate. Lack of luck, she does not feel at the top. Alone on the couch of the show, I download Tinder, the app that geolocates the guys in the area. Because at age 24, I’m done with classic dating sites. Where Kevinlekingdu69 gives me his statement: “San dékoner kan I t seen g aplé the deminer I told him bomb alert. Where Bob asks me: “Do you live in a fridge? Because you’re so cool. After a month, I laughed. But I’m looking for something else. Tinder, at least, it’s cool. I take myself very quickly to play, I scroll through the photos at full speed. Heart: I like; cross: I pass.

After zapping about twenty profiles, I like a certain Roman. In two days, he leaves for San Francisco for a month of training. “That’s why we have to meet soon. If we spent the day together tomorrow? “It’s not a fault, it’s quite rare … What if I came across a psychopath? And then, if he leaves, it’s useless. Still, he ends up convincing me. We exchange our numbers. Just before I fall asleep, I get a text from him: “I can not wait to be tomorrow. It’s going to be cool. ”

In a park facing the statue of Van Gogh: I arrive a little early, it is already there. It is he who comes to me. It’s funny, in normal life, I do not pay much attention to the physical, but that’s the first thing I look at. He is not bad, I like his eyes. Except that all of a sudden, he speaks: “You’re chelou … Why are you looking at me like this? It chills me a little. Very different from the guy I was talking to behind my computer … I pretend I did not hear. We get a big breakfast, he tells me his childhood in the South, his passion for sailing. We walk the rest of the day, without always finding what to say. Passing a shop, he offers me a fabric bracelet “so that you think of me when I’m far away”. It’s a little silly. But I find it cute and I put it on my wrist.

When the time comes to leave, I do not really know what I feel: a mixture of happiness and relief. He kisses me, hugs me and says, “I’ll be back much faster than you think. Finally I’m glad this day is over. I will never see him again! And yet, he skype me, and now I answer immediately … Why? His kindness. This kindness that had irritated me when I was with him seduced me on the Net. We met by chance, and as in life, we must give ourselves time. For a month, we get to know each other. Since his return, we do not leave. Julia, 24 years old

On OkCupid: Because I do not really know what I’m looking for, I register on this site, totally free, where we find celibs and just as much offers of travel … Let’s say that it embellishes my salad Caesar between noon and two at the office. Henri, 28, loves my blond curls, I love his little smile and his dimple chin. In any case, the keyboard is a ping-pong good valves … Nothing blue flower, but it makes me laugh. Married? He broke his engagement recently. We get pussy more and more often, and even during office hours. We become almost intimate: “Sleep well, Goldilocks, watch out for the three bears! And he disconnects as dry. No more in a hurry to see me, and it annoys me.

The less he talks about a meeting, the more I envision it. And the day he does the trick: “We’ll see a February 29,” I take things in hand: we see each other once, and we stop. But he refuses. I jumped: he is afraid of not being up, the answers from start to finish, he does not know how to do live? He needs his keyboard, his dico good words … OK, OK, he accepts …

At the Italian restaurant: I am rather relaxed. At least we are going to laugh, given the valves that we send for a month … Here it is! He put on a tie! And to get rid of me, he shakes my hand. I’m red like a tomato … I like the guy, he has huge eyes, green, like two big lakes … They could not lower the heat in this restaurant? My stomach knotted, I read the map ten times without being able to decide between tartar and salmon. While ordering a bottle, he talks to me about his job, not very fun, he’s an accountant. Atmosphere we do not laugh at all, it is hardly if we find things to say to each other. It’s dramatic. Especially when he spills his glass on me. Panicked, he gets up to wipe me with his towel, but stumbles on my bag and spreads out all the way!

At first petrified, we cry so much laughter that we have to go out. It’s outside he kisses me. At home he finds his humor when he passes a hand under my blouse: “Here I found your breast, you had not lost? Henri, we do not need to be funny any more, here we are in real life. Today, the baby is on the way … Sophie, 27

On Meetic: Go to a dating site just to see … I do not believe it. We go there to find. Especially since it’s such an investment in time, that if you have so much to lose, it’s serious. Me, I admit it, I invest myself. And I believe in the guy in surf gear. But once the question asked viva voce: “Uh, it was on vacation with friends, I only climbed once on a board. Honest in the end, but why not be right now on your profile! I expect too much, and those I meet do too much … until Roland.

Except that between him and me, no atom hooked in love, and by dint of everything to tell: “My mother inflates me,” or “I have a button on the cheek, it’s serious you think? “, We take the risk of passing in the box” buddies “. Never mind. Besides, I am the first informed when he meets a girl on the Net. Big blow of lightning. But at the end of three weeks, it is celib again. And while we never wanted to see each other before, he offers me a drink. He no longer wants to computer, dating site. He wants us to talk to each other in real life. I find it touching. Sincere. I go there as I am. We laughed too much at our meetings spoiled by too much artifice.

In a tea room: I’m sitting in front of the door to see people coming, so I will not be caught off guard … something I hate above all else. Although I wait for Roland, the one I know by heart, but not in real life. And while I fix the entrance, I suddenly hear: “Mathilde? Who is there planted before me? It’s true that it took a long time to set up an appointment and that his photo dated … I do not know exactly how long … but the time of a mustache anyway!

I am completely amazed, I’m facing a guy not bad, Gilles Lellouche look-alike, when I thought small, and rather ugly. In fact, I had completely desexualized it. He understands that I like him. But he does not play, we find our complicity, it goes naturally from virtual to real. And friendship to the drag. “You can not be my friend anymore … you’re so pretty. It’s been almost three years now that we’ve been living together and he still has a formal ban on shaving his mustache. Mathilde, 29 years old.