In France, a couple in 10 is formed on a dating site

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Who finds love on Meetic or Adopts A Dude? Nearly 9% of the population. A survey of INED places dating sites in 5th position ways to find a partner. For homosexuals, this is the first.

“In couple in one year or refunded”. This is the promise of NRJ France latest advertising campaign for Valentine’s Day. Look closely at the conditions in small print, because according to a survey of the National Institute of Demographic Studies (INED) published on Wednesday, among people in a relationship between 2005 and 2018, less than 9% knew their partner via a dating site. These sites rank fifth in the contexts of meeting, behind the workplace, parties with friends, public places and domestic space (at home or in others). Only same-sex encounters occur primarily at dating sites (at the origin of one in three couples).

Ephemeral meetings, except for divorced people

A majority of respondents (57%) to the INED survey, conducted with INSEE in 2013 and 2014 among 7825 people aged 26 to 65, agree that dating sites lead mainly to occasional meetings. And the more people are familiar with these sites, the more they share this opinion (70% of users).

There is one exception: divorced or separated persons are twice as likely to return to dating through dating sites as first-time couples (10% versus 5% of couples). “These services are first and foremost the situation and expectations of separated or divorced people, at a time in the life when the entourage is composed mostly of couples, and it does not provide as many potential partners, the meetings through have a special appeal, “note the authors of the study.

14% of French people have already tried …

In 2013, 14% of 26-65 year olds have already registered on a dating site. “The practice has not exploded, but it is nevertheless more important than in other countries, for example the United States, of which only 9% of the inhabitants of 18 years or more had already used this type of site in 2013” , says the Institute. Those who register the most are 26-30 years old (29%), and INED estimates that use is even more widespread among 18-25 year olds (around 40%).

Up to age 55, the percentage of men enrolled is higher than that of women. This is particularly true under 30 years of age (36% of men’s use, compared with 23% of women), with men dating later than women. The trend reverses after age 55, an age group in which more women live alone than men.

But they do not admit it easily

The trend is also at the discretion: only half of the users easily say to their entourage that they are registered on this type of sites.

Nor should we imagine that the democratization of use goes hand in hand with a mixing of populations. On the contrary. The strong demand from Internet users has led to an inflation of the offer, and to exist in their competitive universe more and more congested, the sites have specialized: by age, social environment, religious confession, centers of interest. ..