Living together as a couple: a key step in the love life

living together as a couple - Living together as a couple: a key step in the love life

What if we together as a couple? We love each other, we already share a lot (kisses, books, holidays), so why not move together in one apartment? But how to go about finding room in the dressing room? How to live together in a small space? Should we move into each other’s house or choose a new apartment? Do not break your brains to move in two: we have some ideas to help you …

Are you ready to move in together as a couple?

He and you are the big love. Love with a big A. Anyway, you already live almost two: him at home, you at home, you never leave.

So yes, you also find many good reasons not to live together (well not immediately): you like to sleep alone and have time for you (especially when it’s time for the session of depilation of the jersey , #tmtc); you want to keep the mystery; you like to leave your pants hanging around …

And there is no harm! Living together is a decision you do not take lightly. On the contrary, it implies long-term commitment. So how to know?

Have you gone on a vacation test with your darling before crossing the road? Are you able to stand it in a small apartment (or even in a bigger one)?

You know what we’re talking about: his sleepless nights devour books of all kinds, his annoying tendency to not close the lid of the cheese box in the fridge, his passion for Secrets of History, among other small fads …

Before you start, check that your couple shows signs that do not deceive. You do not wear makeup before your lover wakes up, you meet his parents, you go shopping together (or for each other), you prefer to sleep together that each of your side, you respect each the habits of the other…

It’s good, you’re ready to live under the same roof!

Living together: what really changes?

Living together changes our lives. But especially good! Now the fridge is always full, you’re not cold at night (even too hot), your bathroom is not only full of hair, but also beard hair! (Ok, that’s not necessarily a good point.)

So do not be afraid: living together is a great adventure.

The proof of sex: even more need to bite the pillow as when the roommates were in the living room (unless the apartment is not well insulated, but it is another problem). Life for two is an opportunity to let your fantasies run free, to make love in every room of the house, on Mondays and Sundays. Nice, no?

Another positive point, more material but to take into account: financially, living together is very profitable. Races, rents and expenses are halved! You can even think about opening a joint account.

How to live happily and without a fight?

Be careful, living with your darling is different from living in a roommate. If you confuse your guy with a roommate, the flame goes out and you end up living in couples without love, just for comfort.

To prolong his life after this new stage and not fall into a depressing routine, you must know sprinkle his daily passion and seduction.

Continue to kiss each other and to rejoice at the arrival of each other in the evening after work, to go out together, to invite friends, but also (and above all) to keep his garden secret and his independence.

This is the key to happiness in a relationship!

And to avoid arguments, we learn the compromise: accept the small manias of his partner, put on paper the sharing of household chores to avoid putting the mental burden on one of you, prevent when we invite friends to the house, accept his in-laws when he make a surprise visit …