Top dating sites for gay men seeking dates and hookups

Finding the woman or man of your life is not easy. By timidity, by lack of time, by choice, it is not always easy to go out, approach someone or go in search of the rare pearl. This is even more the case for gays, lesbians and trans people. There are of course bars or nightclubs mainly frequented by these communities, but either it is not easy to go there (lack of time, shyness) or it is not close to where you live. They are indeed often in big cities.


Another great alternative for looking for love online is FabGuys. Again, we focus on serious relationships, and love compatibility through a personality test that will be offered at registration. Like all serious sites, FabGuys works on freemium mode. That is to say that after creating your profile and browsing for free on the site, you will be invited to take out a paid subscription to get in touch with at least 10 people who match you. Present everywhere in UK (which is very important if you do not live in a big city, but also in Europe, FabGuys will allow you to find your soul mate wherever you are. And to join a community of respectful singles who wish to start a love story, not a sex story.


Rather oriented towards serious and lasting meetings, since most of the members seek here a partner with whom to engage, BiAustralia Gay bets on the meeting by affinities. You will only have to complete a personality test that will highlight your desires, and the site will suggest the profiles that most meet these expectations. It is reliable and efficient, and we save a lot of time by not having to search, profiles after profiles, for the one that seems to us the most in accordance with our vision of love. It’s a high-end site (and its price for a month reminds us; prefer longer offers to make big savings), which offers excellent results without you having to spend hours in front of your screen . So read this article to convince yourself.


Welcome to the new Gay Teen, Make way for a new site compatible with all screens, but the main thing remains: free chat & without registration. Do not hesitate to leave your comments on this version to improve it via “Contact”. Also, don’t hesitate to meet other guys via EasyGayChat and their profiles by signing up. Rather discreet? Do not hesitate to go through Teen Chat and go to #Boybox to find the community.

Collar Space:

How to tame BDSM chat features? On CollarSpace portal, unlimited chat tools allow you to chat with a submissive woman or chat with a domineering woman. A few minutes after your registration, you have access to instant chat and video chat modules, open all day, 24 hours a day. To begin your search, you must first find the right person, submissive or domineering, from CollarSpace’s extensive database. Use the advanced search function to refine your search and apply specific criteria (depending on age, location, by keyword, etc.).