Watch IPTV on any device thanks to Helix

There are many ways to receive television today. One of the methods that has been coming into force for several years is IPTV. As its name suggests, IPTV, or Internet Protocol Televison, is based on the use of Internet protocols, which means that these services tend to be used by the telecommunications operators who own the Internet lines. However, any service that can convey data is likely to be used (Private network, GSM, etc.).

How to watch IPTV on a computer?

Helix IPTV ( allows its subscribers to enjoy more than 160 channels so as not to miss their favorite programs. To enjoy TV on PC or on mobile is very simple. Just a few clicks!

How do I view my programs?

For subscribers to Helix IPTV boxes, a fiber or ADSL connection is sufficient. Then simply identify yourself on the login page or on the programs page. This step taken, you can take full advantage of all the channels.

What are the minimum requirements to enjoy TV?

It all depends on the operating system you are using. Under Windows at least Windows 7 is required. 512 MB of RAM and 128 MB of graphic memory are also essential to benefit from a good fluidity of the images. You also need an x86 compatible processor at 2.33 Gigahertz (GHz) or a processor with a minimum frequency of 1.6 Ghz for netbooks. The same is true if you like Linux. However, at least Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 5.6 or openSUSE 11.3 or Ubuntu 10.04 is required for distribution. If you are using a Mac, you need at least version 10.6. Your computer must also have at least 512 MB of RAM and 128 MB of graphics memory and a 1.83 Ghz processor. If possible, also update browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) to use the latest versions.

What options does Helix IPTV offer for viewing?

By using your mouse you have many features. Starting with the most classic such as pausing, adjusting the volume, the ability to adjust the quality of the video with the “HD” button and the ability to view in full screen. Another advantage is that you can comment on the programs live on Twitter. Just type your text (maximum 140 characters) then click on “Tweet”. A more than pleasant and pleasant way to interact with other Internet users.

IPTV Box: the criteria for choosing well

To choose your Android TV box, there are many criteria to consider. The very first is RAM. This allows the device to be fluid and fast. The higher its value, the easier the device will be to read files (audio and video) and launch video games. For this, it is advisable to choose a device with a RAM memory of at least 2 GB. The second selection criterion is the IPTV box operating system. Be sure to choose an accessory incorporating a fairly recent operating system. This will allow it to update regularly and easily.

In order to choose your box, it is also recommended to check the standard of the HDMI port especially if you want to have high definition. Depending on whether you want Full HD or Ultra HD, you would have to opt for a 1.4 or 2.0 standard port. The internal memory of the device is the last criterion to take into consideration: you must have a large capacity (between 8 GB and 64 GB) in this context.