What are the best dating apps in 2019?


Now app rencontre - What are the best dating apps in 2019?
If you’re still single, you’ve probably already thought about signing up for a dating app. Indeed, no need to go out in a bar or trust the arranged date of your friends because the dating sites make it much easier for you. So you can see in a few minutes the profile of hundreds of singles in your area, without leaving the comfort of your sofa.

To help you see more clearly, here are the best dating apps in 2019.


With a very large singles community in France (more than 2 million), AdopteUnMec is certainly the best dating app. Thanks to its original concept (which consists of putting the profiles of the men that interest you in your cadis), AdoptUnMec to revolutionize online dating. Fun and fun features, members looking for a serious relationship or story without a future … In short, all the ingredients are there to help you out of celibacy.


Can not talk about meeting apps without talking about TinderFrance.com. This app is 100% free (since Tinder has been offering paid options for a few years to highlight his profile), Tinder relies on geolocation. With each of your connections, you will be able to scroll the photos of the singles in your perimeter.

On the other hand, for Lacse Tinder is better known for promoting meetings without a future, and is clearly not the right choice for those who wish to start a beautiful story.


Little news of dating applications, Happn.net is a bit like the French version of Tinder. The principle is the same, since the app records your movements and offers profiles that you could cross in the street. You can then choose to engage the conversation to no, before you propose a meeting in flesh and bone. Even if it does not yet have such a large community, Happn remains a good alternative, especially for singles wishing to engage


A pioneer in the field of online dating, Grindr is an application also based on geolocation. But it has the distinction of addressing only the gay. So, do not be surprised if you see penis pictures on your screen or exchanges are more raw than other dating applications. With nearly 500,000 users in France, it confirms its success from year to year.


Omegl.net Another 100% webcam chat dating site. Pretty classic in its operation, it offers unique options that make it easier to break the ice and chat with perfect strangers.

Indeed, before starting the conversation, you will have to ask or answer three questions that will allow you to find common points or affinities. A good way to get in the water if you never know what to write in your first message.


Leader of online dating, DoubleList Craigslist replacement certainly has the widest community of singles in France and in the rest of the world. With an easy-to-use interface, good features, and a very active moderation team, it’s a great option to find a serious partner. You can always use geolocation to facilitate your meetings. On the other hand, the subscription is paying (and not necessarily given since it will have to pay 15 euros per month).


If you’re more romantic, Once is definitely for you. Follower of slow-dating, the application will allow you to access only one profile per day. His goal is to cut you off from the frenzy of the swipe raging on other applications, and give each meeting its chance.


On Bumbleapp.net, power is to the woman. Indeed, only female singles can initiate the conversation. Otherwise, the principle is the same as Tinder (besides the application was launched by its co-founder), and its use 100% free.


Working on the same principle as Meetic, OkCupid has the particularity of allowing members to describe themselves more precisely (including your tastes and preferences). Profiles are also more varied than other dating apps.