Best USA IPTV Service Providers for FireStick

Who knows how many times you were abroad and wanted to see your favorite program on TV which, perhaps, was being broadcast on an Italian network. Well, know that all of this is possible.

Like? By choosing the best IPTV apps that we offer you. They are a valid system for connecting internet transmission with that of television, even here without necessarily having an antenna, in case of use on a Smart TV. Do you want to know more?

We explain the mechanism and then, as usual, you can consult the ranking that we draw up.

Best IPTV services


IPTV Hut ( IPTV The player is very responsive and the design is very clear. To make it work, you need to go to ‘Settings’ and then to ‘Playlist’ as there is no default channel set. The possibility of obtaining different decodings is functional: just go to the settings and try them.

There are several peculiarities of this app. For example, there is parental control and EPG support in XMLTV and JTV format. You can also look at the playlist history and also change the view. Among the Pro functions, however, we point out the one that concerns the automatic playback of the last channel option

Ping IPTV ( Able to play web radios thanks to the built-in audio-player, it also offers the possibility to change the view of the screen to give you the best user experience. You can set reminders and export playlists in various formats. There is also the opportunity to download EPG from the device.

As with most apps of this type, it needs you to upload a playlist to work. Bomba TV ( supports Google Chromecast and has an integrated player, both in ‘Advanced’ and ‘Light’ mode. Opportunity to reset settings and includes EPG provider. Watch out for the PRO function: it ‘deletes’ all advertising!

You can change the language dynamically. It supports subtitles and also includes parental control. The live stream can automatically reconnect and there is the possibility of copying and pasting M3U content. It does not include basic playlists but can ‘read’ dozens and dozens of video formats.

The particular design of IPTV Smarters Pro is only the tip of the iceberg of an app that is the top of the category. In addition to parental control and the ability to switch views, it has a powerful built-in IPTV player and dynamic language switching. It supports the Xtream API and has built-in subtitles.

Don’t want to spend even one euro? So let’s start this list with a bang. In fact, we have found the best free IPTV app. Here she is:
KS Hosting IPTV ( It works best with VLC for Android and supports Google Chromecast. It provides parental control and the ability to download programs on demand. You can start it with Auto Start and there are 10 themes available to choose the best layout. EPG providers are already included at the time of download.